Have Questions?

Do you take insurance?
Is blood work and other testing included?
Do you accept HSA for payment?
I'm seeking an all-in-one provider for doctor's services, lab tests, and health coaching; is that RHA?
How often do I meet with my doctor and how can I communicate with him?
What do you think of Peter Attia’s book, “Outlive”?
Do you take women as clients
Can I use prior DNA testing like 23andme?
Will you give lifestyle guidance based on the DNA tests?
Do you monitor wearable data like Oura or Apple Watch?
How often can I get my RX refilled
Can you connect me to local doctors as needed?
Do you offer family plans?
Will you prescribe me Ozempic?
Will you prescribe me TRT?
Will you help me with my unique problem?
Will you help me find an edge?
Do you use peptides?
Do you replace my primary care physician?
What specific blood panels do you order and where do we get tested?
What is RHA Systems A Incorporated and Rebel Health Medical Group?