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Rebel Health Alliance delivers a customized, ground up care plan that begins with your DNA and ends up with you feeling your best.

The healthcare system doesn’t care about you.It’s getting more expensive
 and less efficient, as rates of obesity, diabetes, and disease are on the rise.Our collective health is the worst 
it's ever been and it’s not getting better.

We provide a cutting-edge, comprehensive, bespoke healthcare service that puts you at the center.

Our solutions are easy to follow, designed just for you, and every member of our team will be by your side each step of the way.

Meet your dedicated care team

We bring together best-in-class professionals across all health domains, to give you the most advanced care available.

Rebel Health Alliance delivers a customized, ground up care plan that begins with your DNA and ends up with you feeling your best.

Become a Rebel

First-Rate Physician

Nurse Wellness

Strength and
Conditioning Coach

Registered Dietitian


Dedicated Customer
Care Team

This is a Relationship Business

Trained at Harvard. Worked at the Mayo Clinic. Now running your personal health team.

Dr. Sandeep Palakodeti, MD, MPH, is a visionary leader in the healthcare industry, dedicated to revolutionizing the way healthcare is delivered. He's a practicing longevity physician with over a decade of experience and the author of 50+ peer reviewed articles and thought leadership pieces. With an impressive background and a deep commitment to transforming they healthcare landscape Dr. Palakodeti has embarked on a transformative journey to empower individuals to achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

Prior Experience and Education
Fellowship in Healthcare Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Harvard Medical School
Staff Physician at the Mayo Clinic
Chief Clinical Design Officer at CareMore Health
Chief Population Health Officer, University Hospitals
Member of the American College of Physicians
Dr. Sandeep Palakodeti
Chief Medical Officer at Rebel Health Alliance
Prior Experience and Education

Become your best with our bespoke physician-led care plan.

Every member of your care team will come together to design a comprehensive health and training plan tailored just for you.

Strength and
Conditioning Program

Diet Guidelines
and Menu Options

Hormone and
Peptide Protocols

Supplement Plans
and Prescriptions

Support and Check-ins

DNA Test
and Analysis

We provide you with ongoing support and coaching to ensure compliance, motivation, and success.

Become a Rebel
White Glove Concierge Service
Quarterly Meetings with your Physician
Reach your entire team by text, phone, video, or email
Evolving Supplement Strategies
Access to RHA Seminars and Community

Escape the system, find yourself, and get the care you deserve. Join the Rebel Health Alliance today.

What can we help you with?

DNA Tests
and Analysis
To feel better.
To look better.
To have more energy.
To perform better at work.
To be sexier.
To be more active.
To not be a burden on your loved ones.
To take control of your health.
To live longer.
To live more quality years.
To lose weight.
To get back on the golf course.
To get back at your ex.
To regain that spark from your youth.
To fight back against the healthcare gangsters.
To fit into your skinny clothes.
To love your wife longer.
To love your children longer.
To ensure your retirement plan succeeds.
To avoid horrible chronic sicknesses.
To not be the fat guy at work.
To not have a heart attack.
Real stories, Real results
“Had an amazing session with their epigenetic coach! Now, I understand my blood work better, changing my diet and supplements for the long haul. Already adjusting my weight training based on their advice. Highly recommend their DNA service for anyone serious about health!”
Ben S.
"The interdisciplinary model being utilized by RHA is the only way to approach health care. It draws on the scientific knowledge bases of medicine, nursing, nutrition, and kinesiology for a truly holistic plan of care designed for the individual."
Frank K.
“Before discovering RHA, I felt uncertain about my overall health and unsure of the direction to take. But their platform, super- knowledgeable staff and spot-on guidance brought to light the areas I needed to focus on ... I can't recommend it enough."
Brian F.
“You can go to your family doctor who left med school years ago who prescribes you the standard BS or you can get a team of experts who custom tailor their advice to best optimize you.”
David L.
Join the rebellion
Escape the system, find yourself, and get the care you deserve. Join the Rebel Health Alliance today.
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